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As well as providing a quality used parts service, we are pleased to offer our customers the following services....

Plug-in Diagnostics

Most modern cars have on-board diagnostics (OBD) and frequently need to be “plugged in” to electronic equipment running software.  This needs to be done for a variety of reasons including reading and clearing fault codes, telling your car that a new part has been fitted and clearing service lights.  We are specialists in the Peugeot model ranges and have equipment that will allow us to diagnose and fix your car.

Fixed Price Part Fitting

Many parts are difficult to fit at home or costly to transport to you.  We are pleased to offer fixed price fitting on many of the items we sell.  The good news is many of these can be done “while you wait”. Please see the table below for more details or call us on 01538 529248.  Please note we ONLY fit parts purchased from us (except radio VIN coding).

Radio VIN Coding

Modern radios do not have the old-fashioned radio codes that you enter on the dash panel. These radios have to have the VIN / chassis number entered in the radio to ensure the radio is paired to your car.  We are happy to offer this service for a flat rate of £10.00 when you purchase a radio head unit from us.  This can be done prior to sending the item to you so the swap is just “plug and play”.

MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE CAR BREAKER - As we know Peugeot cars better than any company that is a Jack of all Trades, why not try us for our fixed priced parts exchange and diagnostic services.

We can provide a wider range of services than shown in the examples above so call us and let us solve your Peugeot problems...

01538 529248

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